Getting started with Control Hub

Your radio goes off, the safety manager lets you know about a problem. You set off to fix it.

On the way over you are grabbed by security, there is a crowd issue that needs your attention.

You deal with the crowd issue and then are stopped by your biggest sponsor to talk.

30 minutes have passed and now you can not remember what the original issue was or if it has been resolved

Live events are fast moving and you need to stay on top of everything. Control hub is here to make that happen with seamless push notifications so you

  • Know what needs to be done
  • Know when it's done
  • Have a record of what happened

Control Hub

Create tasks

You can create tasks, select assignees and tags to keep track of everything


Adding team members

Once a task is created you can assignee your team to the task.

In order to be able to select a team member you need to add your team as personnel. They can sign up by simply scanning the QR code available in the personnel tab.


Your team will be asked to provide their name and phone number. After verification they will be checked in to your event and you can assign tasks to them.



Once a task is assigned to a team member they will receive a text notification if any of the following happens;

  • A task was assigned to them
  • A task they were assigned to is resolved
  • A task which they were assigned to is reopened after being resolved.


The log function of the control hub allows you to add additional details to any task or issue including attachments or keeping track of conversations. That way whoever looks back can easily see the history of the task and who did what when. PS this is really useful if you ever need to make an insurance claim.


Coming up

We are always looking at ways we can improve the control hub experience and the value it can give to you. If you have any idea's that you think may help feel free to contact us we would be happy to chat.