Tell me about evePASS

Is it really free?

Yes, we are offering evePASS completely free.


That seems too good to be true, how come?

We’re in the events business. No events means no business. We hope that the effective use of social tracing is the solution to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and as a result, we get our events back. Basically, we could really use your help!


What do you mean you’re in the events business?

Our main mission is to simplify event management workflows and provide proactive insurance solutions to mitigate the risk of event cancellations. The platform simplifies the planning and execution of large-scale entertainment productions by providing detailed timelines, intuitive people management, active risk evaluations and a number of other features that help optimize events. Intelligent use of automation and data provide insights that allow event professionals to eliminate roadblocks before they disrupt the entire lifecycle. Ultimately, if a cancellation is unavoidable, our insurance policy covers the reasonable cancellation, postponement, interruption, curtailment or relocation of a specified event.


Tell me more about evePASS. What’s the story?

As half of our team emerged from lockdown in Munich, businesses were immediately required to obtain and maintain records of names, emails and phone numbers of all patrons. We noticed a lot of pens and clipboards being passed around and jars stuffed with slips of paper; we decided there simply had to be a safer and easier way to manage the whole process. Within 10 days we had created a working version of the application and deployed evePASS in some of the most influential bars, restaurants and biergartens in Munich. As other countries began to reopen with similar regulations, we began our international outreach to help the hospitality industry restart safely.


How long does it take to setup?

If you’ve read this page from the beginning, you could be finished already! All we need is your business name, an email address, phone number and password. Print your unique QR code using our pre-populated assets or create your own and that is it.


But my customers have to download an app, right?

No, they don’t have to. We hope they’ll want to, but it’s not obligatory. Guests will always be able to use the web app to check in at your business. We do offer additional perks and functions through the app, but if they’re not interested in any of that, there’s no need to download.


Can I add table numbers?

Why yes, yes you can. On the business portal there is a menu item called “Zones”. You can print a single QR code and have the customer select the appropriate zone (or table number) or you now have the option to print a unique QR code for each zone created which will automatically populate the appropriate information.


What if I have multiple locations?

You have several options if you have more than one location:

  1. Since the account creation is free, you are more than welcome to register each location individually with a unique email address.
  2. If you would prefer to manage all locations under a single account, we suggest utilizing the zone option referenced above.

Can I upload my menus?

Yes, the portal offers the possibility to link to your online menu via a URL or upload a PDF. Customers can then view it right from their smartphones. Currently, we can only support a single PDF so if you have more than one menu, just merge them into a single document and you're good to go.


What if my customers don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to use the app?

You have the option to manually add a check-in directly from the business portal. Navigate to the active visits tab and click the “ADD GUEST” button on the top right.


So, what about my customer’s data?

Our interest is purely centered around the belief that contact tracing at scale will speed up the timeline for the return of events and allow us to shift focus back to our core business. Everything is encrypted and customer data is removed from the business log after the requisite 30 days as indicated by German regulations.