What documents do I need to upload?

Your insurance policy is subject to the provision of several documents depending which type of insurance you have purchased. 

Every event is different so we have provided some guidance below with the general criteria for what to include.

Emergency/covid plan

Your Emergency plan should contain details of how to manage various scenarios that may occur at your event. We have provided a outline covering the points we see frequently however you may choose to include additional categories specific to your event.

  • Venue/site layouts;
    • Capacity limits
    • Emergency exits
    • Meeting points
  • Procedures in case of emergency;
    • Patron/Crowd issues
    • Medical Incidents
    • Fire alarms
    • Terror or threat of

The covid section of the emergency plan is dependent on state regulations. The content of this section should seek to address the following given current state and CDC advice and regulations if required;

  • Guidelines to reduce transmission
  • Additional measures to protect patrons
  • Alternative plans should an outbreak occur

Event budget

The event budget should contain a breakdown of the revenue and expenses projected for the event. This should then be further broken down into categories depending on the type of event being held. A list of example categories has been provided below, however given the variety and type of events you may choose to add or remove categories.

  • Revenue
    • Ticketing
    • Sponsorship
    • Vendors
    • Merchandise
  • Expenses
    • Artist/talent.
    • Venue/site
    • Infrastructure
      • Staging
      • lighting
      • Sound
    • Marketing

Last year event budget/receipts

Revenue Insurance only

If you have chosen to insure your events revenue, you will also need to upload a copy of the previous years budget and receipts for same event.

This should contain the actual financials from the same event you held last year. Within this document you should also provide any receipts or invoices to verify the figures.